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Silestone is world leader in quartz surface

Silestone invented in 1990. It as a product that brings together the best of natural stone and manages to improve it even further. Silestone has made a giant leap forward that gained the immediate recognition of professionals and end users alike. It has been so successful that the antibacterial, quartz worktop has become a unique category within the brand.

Silestone by Cosentino is a unique brand; for its properties and characteristics, and because anything bearing the name Silestone automatically becomes something unique. Its exclusive nature means that it's brand is associated all around the world with design/fashion, achieving the highest levels in innovative,contemporary design and quality.

Silestone has achieved a position of global prestige. The brand is present in more than fifty countries, is the market leader in its sector and an example of research and innovation for private and public constructors in the 21st century and we continue to strive ahead in our market.


Quartz is crystallised silicone dioxide, it is normally white or transparent, although it can appear in other colours if it forms in the presence of impurities.

It can be found in its pure state or be present in other components. Its high durability/resistance to acids means it can be used in the manufacturing of a very wide range of precision and high performance products. Quartz is the main component of Silestone slabs.


Silestone worktops now comes with built-in Microban antibacterial protection; a revolutionary treatment that guarantees total hygiene and which Silestone has incorporated into all its products.

Six Areas

  1. Hampers the growth of all kinds of bacteria.
  2. This is not just a surface treatment. The built-in treatment covers 100% of the product.
  3. Does not affect any of Silestone's physico-mechanical properties.
  4. In tests, it has demonstrated to maintain its antibacterial properties for 30 years.
  5. ALL Silestone products have Microban built-in.
  6. Microban is world leader in antibacterial applications.

It has been successfully used for 35 years in many products in the hospital, construction and food sectors.

Some of the bacteria it acts against are:

  • Salmonella
  • Listeria
  • E-coli
  • Staphylococcus
  • Aspergillus
  • Ivre

Antibacterial protection is incorporated during the manufacturing process, which means that it is present in each quartz particle of every Silestone worktop.

Microban's active ingredients evenly distributed throughout the worktop's thickness - ensuring that even hard to reach areas such as corners are protected.

Because Microban's antibacterial protection is built-in during the manufacturing process, it cannot be worn out even with constant use.

Your Silestone worktop will stay protected for the whole of the products life.

That is Why Silestone Worktops are for you! London anywhere in the UK!

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