Contact Us

Please get in touch to discuss your project with us. Don’t worry if you are only at the preliminary planning stage, that is the best time to start looking at materials, colours, maximum sizes of material and features such as sinks, taps, hobs, backsplashes, upstands and endpanels. This will help us to help you make sure you can make your project as good as it can be, for example, to avoid unnecessary worktop joints or costs for excess material that could be avoided at the kitchen planning stage.

Drop us an email (well mostly Rachel), give us a bell (again mostly Rachel) or call into our factory showroom in Oldham where there are currently 10 kitchen displays in Silestone, Dekton and Lundhs Real Stone to see and more coming soon. With our ‘open kitchen’ style factory you can often see us in action creating stunning granite worktops, although most people arrive while I am eating. Please call ahead to make sure we are available to show you around.