Dekton by Cosentino

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Dekton is the latest engineered material from Cosentino, the manufacturers of Silestone. Dekton is promoted as the ultra material and I really believe this is the case. Extreme resistance to abrasion and staining, zero porosity and absence of micro pores and fissures found in natural stone, could this be the perfect material? Dekton is available in an ever increasing range of colours, textures and finishes and in thicknesses of 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm and 30mm (colour and range availability varies), it is suitable for a wide variety of uses from kitchen worktops inside and outside the home (ideal for the outdoor kitchen!) to cladding the smallest interior and the exterior of skyscrapers. The result of many years and significant investment in research and development, Dekton represents an entire new product category of it’s own. Manufactured using sinterized particle technology, carefully selected and graded minerals are ground to particles of a consistent size. these particles are then coloured according to the end product, dried and distributed on a 300 metre long conveyor belt where, after being subjected to immense heat and pressure and having the various surface decorations applied, are transformed into large format slabs. This process effectively replicates and perfects the formation of natural stone over hundreds of millions of years, and condenses it into an entirely automated few hours. Rachel and I have seen this first hand at Cosentino’s factories and it is truly impressive.

Dekton colour pallette